Skate Deterrents, Protect valuable building features from skateboard vandalism!

Prevent skateboarders from damaging building assets and public infrastructure. Damage to concrete, stone and tiled surfaces from skaters can be very expensive to fix, and undertaking repair work will not stop skateboarders from returning to cause more damage. Skate deterrents make the skate environment non attractive for skate activities.

Below: Image of stainless steel skateboard deterrents installed to protect a valuable wall from potential future damage caused by skateboarders or BMX enthusiasts.

stainless steel skate deterrents installation on concrete wall

TGSI Pty Ltd, based in Australia stocks a range of skate deterrents, and also can custom manufacture skate deterrents to customer requirements. Credit card and paypal payment facilites are available. Providing for Australia wide and international skate deterrent purchasers.

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April 25, 2014, Australia TGSI Pty Ltd